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  • Shaolin Qi Gong & Nei Gong to Transform your Body
  • Shaolin Weapons Training
  • Detailed Instruction on authentic Shaolin Kung Fu

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The Tiger Crane Combination program is taught over a number of years. We will take a deep dive into our San Zhan forms, Shaolin Iron Shirt & body conditioning methods. You will go on to learn our more advanced forms and of course our famous Shaolin Weapons Forms.

Our Shuang Yang Soft Fist program is one of those rare Shaolin internal systems known as Rou Quan or Soft Fist, a fully developed internal system. The full name of the system is Frost & Sun White Crane Soft & Supple Fist (霜 阳 ⽩ 鹤 柔 软 拳). We can trace it back to the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple up to Master Xiao Dan Qing who taught Master Miao Chan Meng, who in turn taught Master Ang Lian Huat. This was then passed down through two more generations to Shkar.

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  • Years of In-Depth Video Instruction
  • Step by Step Progression @ 1 Video per Week
  • Our Famous San Zhan Forms
  • Shaolin Weapons Forms
  • Shaolin Qi Gong & Nei Gong to Transform your Body
  • Iron Shirt Training & Body Transformation
  • Martial Applications
  • Push Hands & Sticking Hands Methods

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Shkar Sharif

Martial Artist, Teacher
& Author

Shkar is the founder and head instructor at Kung Fu Zone, a traditional Chinese martial arts school based in the UK, specialising in the Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu system and the Shuang Yang White Crane Soft Fist

Author of “Understanding Kung Fu – Demystifying Traditional Concepts”. Shkar has more than twenty-five years of experience in the martial arts, studying and teaching in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Student Testimonials

{My experience in training with Shkar has been a really positive one overall. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the system and can tie together lots of different things. He has also built a club with a great culture of care and respect with absolutely no negative hierarchies. He cares a lot about students individually, knows exactly where each person is on their journey, and how to challenge them. He holds everyone accountable for the discipline and commitment it takes to grow as a martial artist and as a person.”
Mia Bedran
Account Director in Brand Communications
{“I have been training with Shkar for over 11 years, with him being my instructor for the last 6 years. For as long as I have known him, Shkar has not only been an exceptional martial artist but an outstanding human being. His innate skill is paired with a level of self-discipline that has allowed him to constantly grow in his understanding and ability of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. As a teacher, he desires nothing more than to see his students grow and excel, passing on any new understanding as soon as he is able to communicate it. The proof is in his student's abilities. In just the last couple of years, I have seen my own understanding and ability grow beyond what I would have thought before, and I have had the pleasure of training with newer students who have progressed far faster than I did in my first few years of training. This is all very much down to the guidance and teachings of Shkar. His approach to teaching Traditional Chinese Martial Arts is one of understanding: understanding the art and application, and also understanding his students. He can often be heard in class saying "...I've been there..." when students find an exercise difficult. This showing of understanding and empathy reinforcing the fact that what he teaches is nothing mystical or out of reach but can be achieved by anyone through simple discipline and hard work. Shkar's understanding of his students also allows him to teach each student more effectively, adjusting how he teaches someone based on their level and experience. This shows genuine care about each individual's s progression, guiding them to be the best they can be. With Shkar as my instructor and friend, I have grown immensely as a person and martial artist in a relatively short period of time. It is a sometimes challenging but exciting journey of self-improvement and realisation, which he has been my guide on, a journey that even he himself is still discovering. I can only look forward to the many years of training and growing I have with him.”
Dolan O’Toole
Software Developer
{“Shkar is one of those few people who can break down complex, traditional systems into bite-size chunks and make them accessible to learners at all levels. His experience, knowledge and deep understanding of the essence allows him to apply these ancient teachings in today’s world making them palatable lesson after lesson, even when it’s hard work.”
Arevinth V. Sarma
{“Shkar is a leader by example, combining a supreme natural ability, unwavering work ethic, cultivated from decades of constant training and an in-depth knowledge of Shuang Yang Tai Chi and Tiger Crane Kung Fu. Shkar is constantly trying to better himself and in turn his students, through training, studying, meditation and teaching.”
James Warburton
Head Chef
{“I met Shkar two years ago when I joined his club, Kung Fu Zone. Since then, he has been my Kung Fu and Tai Chi teacher as well as my spiritual mentor. Shkar has created a space where people of different ages and backgrounds feel supported and respected by each other. He has cultivated an environment that motivates and inspires students to overcome their fears and achieve strength and confidence in physical and mental aspects. Shkar uses multiple approaches in his teachings. For example, mindfulness techniques have helped me become more aware of my body and let go of unnecessary tension and stress. By training the Shuang Yang system, I have learned to control my movements and thoughts, while working with partners has helped me feel and connect to the partner's energy centre, and therefore, learn to control their body movements. Unlike most traditional eastern martial arts teachers, who are usually very distant from their disciples, Shkar is very supportive and emotionally available with his students. He has become not just a teacher but also a friend to many of us. I feel fortunate to have met Shkar and to have been taught by him. I believe that his teachings will inspire many more generations to come.”
Almaz Huseynova

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