About Shkar

Born in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. Shkar Sharif came into the world during a time of turmoil and war. Both his parents were Peshmerga fighters and political dissidents, fighting against the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein.

From a young age, Shkar was drawn to the spiritual and the mystical and has trained in and explored several traditions that have helped him understand what the masters of old were alluding to in their lessons. In addition to studying philosophy, Shkar has trained in Sufi mysticism, Vipassana and Dzogchen meditation for over twenty years, and has been initiated into several Hermetic traditions. Shkar teaches and writes about the transformational aspect of these arts

Martial Artist, Teacher & Author

Shkar is the founder and head instructor at Kung Fu Zone, a traditional Chinese martial arts school based in the UK, specialising in the Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu system and the Shuang Yang White Crane Soft Fist.

He is also the Author of “Understanding Kung Fu – Demystifying Traditional Concepts”. Shkar has more than twenty five years of experience in the martial arts, studying and teaching in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Shkar currently lives and teaches in London, UK with his wife Kristina and their two young children.

20+ Years Training & Teaching the Chinese Martial Arts

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