Tiger Crane Combined Fist

The Tiger Crane Combination System

Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu is your typical South Shaolin kung fu system. The system emphasises short, low-rooted stances and powerful explosive attacks carried out at great speed. The body is strengthened from the feet up, and physical & mental conditioning play significant roles in developing the practitioner. An accepted part of Southern Five Ancestor Fist/Wuzuquan, Our system heavily relies on two of these ancestors, Yong Chun White Crane and Taizu (Grand Ancestor) Fist, while also incorporating Shaolin Lohan, Da Mo and Monkey.

Like most Shaolin systems, the student progresses through the Tiger Crane Combination system through forms. Forms are set routines designed to gradually teach the practitioner the principles and techniques of the system. The syllabus contains sixteen forms, eleven freehand forms and five weapons forms. The most important and fundamental form is the famous San Zhan form, which we get into pretty quickly in this program. We have a number of different San Zhan forms, all teaching different aspects of our system.

Shuang Yang Soft Fist

The Shuang Yang Taichi System

Shaolin is famous for its fast, hard external systems. But it’s rare to come across a complete internal system that originated from the Shaolin temple. Our Shuang Yang Soft Fist system is one of those rare Shaolin internal systems known as Rou Quan or Soft Fist, a fully developed internal system. The full name of the system is Frost & Sun White Crane Soft & Supple Fist (霜 阳 ⽩ 鹤 柔 软 拳).

We can trace it back to the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple up to Master Xiao Dan Qing who taught Master Miao Chan Meng, who in turn taught Master Ang Lian Huat. This was then passed down through two more generations to Shkar.

In the 6th century, a wealthy prince from India who went by the name of Tat Moh decided to renounce his status and possessions and become a Buddhist monk. A lot of the wondering Buddhist monks of the time would travel to China to spread Buddhist teachings

Tat Moh arrived in a small forest that had a small Buddhist monastery in it. The Mandarin for Small Forest is Shao lin, the Monastery being named after the forest was also called Shao lin. When Tat Moh arrived he saw that the monks living there were weak and unhealthy.

They were living frugal lives and spending most of their time in meditative practices, disregarding their physical health. The legend goes that Tat Moh entered a cave and meditated for nine years looking for the solution to the problems the monks had.

At the end of the nine years he came out with a set of exercises for the monks to practice, this would help them improve their physical health and vitality. This set of exercises has become known as the Yi Jin Jing, or the Muscle Sinew Transforming set. The monks later developed the exercises further adding martial applications to them creating the first Shaolin Kung Fu style called Lohan fist or Monk Fist.

Over time the movements were expanded upon and more movements added creating many different Kung Fu styles. Highly skilled exponents of the styles became known as masters and some of these masters would adapt their own styles to mimic the movement of certain animals.

One of the last and most refined systems to develop out of Shaolin was the White Crane System, which both the Tiger Crane Combination and Shuang Yang system is a subset of. The exact development of both systems is lost, but being a Shaolin White Crane system, they build on the Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Exercises of Damo and are based on the six harmonies paradigm of movement and power production.

Both systems are from the Fujian Shaolin Temple and are based on one or all of the five ancestors. They were both taught by the famous Master Ang Lian Huat in Singapore. They were passed down through two more generations to Shkar.

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