Shuang Yang Taichi

Shaolin is famous for its fast, hard external systems. But it’s rare to come across a complete internal system that originated from the Shaolin temple.

Our Shuang Yang Soft Fist system is one of those rare Shaolin internal systems known as Rou Quan or Soft Fist, a fully developed internal system. The full name of the system is Frost & Sun White Crane Soft & Supple Fist (霜 阳 ⽩ 鹤 柔 软 拳).

We can trace it back to the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple up to Master Xiao Dan Qing who taught Master Miao Chan Meng, who in turn taught Master Ang Lian Huat. This was then passed down through two more generations to Shkar


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Shkar Shkar Instructor

Shkar is the founder and head instructor at Kung Fu Zone, a traditional Chinese martial arts school based in the UK, specialising in the Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu system and the Shuang Yang White Crane Soft Fist. He is also the Author of “Understanding Kung Fu - Demystifying Traditional Concepts”. Shkar has more than twenty five years of experience in the martial arts, studying and teaching in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.