“I met Shkar two years ago when I joined his club, Kung Fu Zone. Since then, he has been my Kung Fu and Tai Chi teacher as well as my spiritual mentor.

Shkar has created a space where people of different ages and backgrounds feel supported and respected by each other. He has cultivated an environment that motivates and inspires students to overcome their fears and achieve strength and confidence in physical and mental aspects.

Shkar uses multiple approaches in his teachings. For example, mindfulness techniques have helped me become more aware of my body and let go of unnecessary tension and stress. By training the Shuang Yang system, I have learned to control my movements and thoughts, while working with partners has helped me feel and connect to the partner’s energy centre, and therefore, learn to control their body movements.

Unlike most traditional eastern martial arts teachers, who are usually very distant from their disciples, Shkar is very supportive and emotionally available with his students. He has become not just a teacher but also a friend to many of us.

I feel fortunate to have met Shkar and to have been taught by him. I believe that his teachings will inspire many more generations to come.”